Fresh from the Studio

Last week, I completed a commission for my alma mater, Savannah College of Art and Design, and I am so pleased with the result! When they requested bright corals and hot pinks, I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I don't know if you can tell, but natural colors are my go-to, so this was definitely out of my comfort zone. I accepted the challenge and can't wait to see what SCAD does with this custom Malachos

SCADMalachos (5 of 32).jpg

If you are interested in ordering a custom Malachos like this one, head straight over to the Shop and click "Malachos Large" to fill out the form in checkout to specify colors, size, etc. 


After yesterday's Thanksgiving feast with family and friends, we are celebrating all of the love and blessings we've received this year ALL WEEKEND - including Monday! - with a sitewide sale of 25% off!! 

Just enter WOOLWEEKEND at checkout to receive your discount. Everyone deserves something handmade this year. 

Clover Market THIS Sunday!

Ernie and Irene will be at THIS Sunday's Clover Market from 10AM-5PM, rain or shine! See the facebook event here.

Find me at Booth 88, in the lane across from the Bryn Mawr Train Station and the Wells Fargo. 

This Clover Market, I will have more NEW pieces than EVER before! I can't wait to share them with you all. See you soon!

Ernie and Irene's New Look

Over the past month or so, I've been slowly photographing the Ernie and Irene 2015 collection. Between the High Point Show earlier this year, designing soooo many prints for Spring 2016, and Jack's erratic nap times over the past month, I've been photographing whenever I get the chance. I've made things a little more neutral around here and have added three new pieces (one, two, three). 

The thing about Ernie and Irene pieces is that they need to be experienced. While I know you can't truly experience them through the site, I've added images of the pieces that can help you more easily visualize how they fit into a space. You can check some of them out in the gallery at the home page, or you can browse through the Shop for more specific photos. 

I have to thank my great friends Maggie Esteves, Emma Olwell, and Tara Riordon for their huge help. It really pays to have great friends. 

Here's a little taste and some behind the scenes photos:

Products (1 of 13).jpg

There are a couple more photos I'd love to take, but for now, these will do just fine. Happy Monday, friends. Have a great week!

NEW! Phone Covers!!

I am SO excited to announce the newest Ernie and Irene product: iPhone covers!!! In three prints - Monstrance, the Virgin Mary, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus - they are the best quality phone cases with a flexible silicone skin and hard plastic shell for double protection.  For now, they come for iPhones 5, 5C, and 6. If you have another kind of phone that you would like included, please comment to this blog post. Best of all, 10% of all proceeds of these phone cases is donated to the South American Missions of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy

Especially during this season of Lent and the upcoming Easter season, we could all use some reminding throughout the day of the truths that are truly inspiring. And that is why the three prints were chosen. The Monstrance, a vessel to hold and exhibit the Blessed Sacrament during Eucharistic Adoration or Benediction, is a beautiful image of Christ in the greatest gift of all, the Eucharist. The Virgin Mary, with open arms for a loving embrace, is a wonderful reminder of her powerful intercession, her inspirational yes, and her ability to lead us to Christ. And the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as a devotion to the person of Christ, the King of the Universe, and the fullness of his love for us. 

I hope that these phone cases can lead you into a deeper relationship with our Creator and can help evangelize the world! 


PS - These make great Easter gifts! 

PPS - If you are in the Philadelphia area and would like to pick up your phone case instead of having it shipped, use code PHILLYLOCAL at checkout. 

Custom Work

So far, 2015 has been chock full of custom pieces, paintings, and illustrations to do and I am so glad! Custom pieces are so fun to work on because I feel so much more connected to each one as I know to who (whom?) and where it is going. From baby shower gifts, birthday or anniversary presents, and just personal treat yo selfs, these custom works have put smiles on so many different faces! And that makes me so, so glad. 

If YOU are interested in anything, anything custom that's not offered in the Shop, just drop me a line at 

Custom Silhos - 15"x15"

Custom Silhos - 15"x15"

Custom Silhos - 11"x15"

Custom Silhos - 11"x15"

Custom Silhos Mini - 8.5"x11"

Custom Silhos Mini - 8.5"x11"

Custom Canvas Pattern - 16"x20"

Custom Canvas Pattern - 16"x20"

Custom Canvas Pattern - 11"x14"

Custom Canvas Pattern - 11"x14"

8.5 x 11 watercolor illustrations

8.5 x 11 watercolor illustrations

Pope Benedict XVI and wool

My dear friend Kate sent me the following excerpt from Pope Benedict XVI's homily from his Inaugural Mass on April 24, 2005 and His Holiness expressed the symbol of wool, sheep, and shepherds so well that I thought I just had to share it with all of you. 

The first symbol is the Pallium, woven in pure wool, which will be placed on my shoulders. This ancient sign, which the Bishops of Rome have worn since the fourth century, may be considered an image of the yoke of Christ, which the Bishop of this City, the Servant of the Servants of God, takes upon his shoulders. God’s yoke is God’s will, which we accept. And this will does not weigh down on us, oppressing us and taking away our freedom. To know what God wants, to know where the path of life is found – this was Israel’s joy, this was her great privilege. It is also our joy: God’s will does not alienate us, it purifies us – even if this can be painful – and so it leads us to ourselves. In this way, we serve not only him, but the salvation of the whole world, of all history. The symbolism of the Pallium is even more concrete: the lamb’s wool is meant to represent the lost, sick or weak sheep which the shepherd places on his shoulders and carries to the waters of life. For the Fathers of the Church, the parable of the lost sheep, which the shepherd seeks in the desert, was an image of the mystery of Christ and the Church. The human race – every one of us – is the sheep lost in the desert which no longer knows the way. The Son of God will not let this happen; he cannot abandon humanity in so wretched a condition. He leaps to his feet and abandons the glory of heaven, in order to go in search of the sheep and pursue it, all the way to the Cross. He takes it upon his shoulders and carries our humanity; he carries us all – he is the good shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep. What the Pallium indicates first and foremost is that we are all carried by Christ. But at the same time it invites us to carry one another. Hence the Pallium becomes a symbol of the shepherd’s mission, of which the Second Reading and the Gospel speak. The pastor must be inspired by Christ’s holy zeal: for him it is not a matter of indifference that so many people are living in the desert. And there are so many kinds of desert. There is the desert of poverty, the desert of hunger and thirst, the desert of abandonment, of loneliness, of destroyed love. There is the desert of God’s darkness, the emptiness of souls no longer aware of their dignity or the goal of human life. The external deserts in the world are growing, because the internal deserts have become so vast. Therefore the earth’s treasures no longer serve to build God’s garden for all to live in, but they have been made to serve the powers of exploitation and destruction. The Church as a whole and all her Pastors, like Christ, must set out to lead people out of the desert, towards the place of life, towards friendship with the Son of God, towards the One who gives us life, and life in abundance. The symbol of the lamb also has a deeper meaning. In the Ancient Near East, it was customary for kings to style themselves shepherds of their people. This was an image of their power, a cynical image: to them their subjects were like sheep, which the shepherd could dispose of as he wished. When the shepherd of all humanity, the living God, himself became a lamb, he stood on the side of the lambs, with those who are downtrodden and killed. This is how he reveals himself to be the true shepherd: “I am the Good Shepherd . . . I lay down my life for the sheep”, Jesus says of himself (Jn 10:14f). It is not power, but love that redeems us! This is God’s sign: he himself is love. How often we wish that God would make show himself stronger, that he would strike decisively, defeating evil and creating a better world. All ideologies of power justify themselves in exactly this way, they justify the destruction of whatever would stand in the way of progress and the liberation of humanity. We suffer on account of God’s patience. And yet, we need his patience. God, who became a lamb, tells us that the world is saved by the Crucified One, not by those who crucified him. The world is redeemed by the patience of God. It is destroyed by the impatience of man.

One of the basic characteristics of a shepherd must be to love the people entrusted to him, even as he loves Christ whom he serves. “Feed my sheep”, says Christ to Peter, and now, at this moment, he says it to me as well. Feeding means loving, and loving also means being ready to suffer. Loving means giving the sheep what is truly good, the nourishment of God’s truth, of God’s word, the nourishment of his presence, which he gives us in the Blessed Sacrament. My dear friends – at this moment I can only say: pray for me, that I may learn to love the Lord more and more. Pray for me, that I may learn to love his flock more and more – in other words, you, the holy Church, each one of you and all of you together. Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves. Let us pray for one another, that the Lord will carry us and that we will learn to carry one another.

The rest of his homily can be found here.

High Point Cafe Show Reception Recap

This past Saturday, I hosted a reception at High Point Cafe at their Allens Lane Train Station location for the Ernie and Irene textile art exhibition. It was a wonderful turnout with lots of friends and supporters, as well as some great drop ins and maybe some people who simply just wanted a cup of joe. Whichever the case, I loved seeing all of the faces surrounded by my work and truly appreciated the great feedback and compliments the pieces received. 

If you haven't seen the show yet, all of the pieces will be there until February 28th, so you still have plenty of time. Make sure to stop by, though, because they are selling fast and those crepes and pastries won't eat themselves. 

Here are a few snapshots of the reception. For more updates, follow me on Instagram

High Point Cafe Show!

Happy New Year's Eve! This year has, without a doubt, been the best year ever. In 2014 we found the best community of friends we could've hoped for, showed at our first craft show, HAD A BABY (who is the most wonderful, perfect, sweetest little thing you've ever seen), and made our first online sales. Many, many other wonderful things happened, including the release of the Islefield and Marie Oliver prints I designed. But all in all, I could not be more thankful for what this year has brought. And I am so excited for 2015!

I'm starting 2015 off with a BANG with Ernie and Irene's first ever gallery show!! My work will be displayed at High Point Cafe's Allens Lane Train Station location for all of January and February. High Point Cafe is hands down the best coffee shop I have ever been to. With fresh crepes and delicious coffee, it would be a tragedy for you to live in the area and not frequent HPC. And what better excuse than to see my work displayed! 

We are having a reception on Saturday, January 10 from 2-5pm. I would LOVE to see you there! 


Have a great New Year's Eve, everyone. 

The Why

If you happen to be Facebook friends with me, you know that I often share podcasts, particularly The Lanky Guys' Word on The Hill and Catholic Stuff You Should Know.  They're two lighthearted Catholic podcasts that have taught me countless lessons in theology, Church history, friendships, and just how to have true joy. Both podcasts are really funny. As in, I laugh out loud regularly while listening to them. The Lanky Guys go through each Sunday's readings and find the thread that ties them all together with great insight and historical context. Catholic Stuff You Should Know simply talks about just that, Catholic stuff you should know. 

A couple of weeks ago, the Catholic Stuff guys did a great podcast on "Being Consumed: Christian Culture and Consumerism" that perfectly explains why I do what I do here at Ernie and Irene. During their Theology on Tap discussion, they talk about why it is so crucial to your well-being to buy from local sources and how that impacts culture for the good. So, brighten your Monday morning by listening in! 


Hip hip hooray! We are having a SITEWIDE sale this weekend. So, as your bellies are full of turkey and cranberry sauce, make sure to head over to the SHOP to enjoy a whopping 25% off. That's HUGE!! 

For now, enjoy your Thanksgiving with friends and family. And I'll see YOU this weekend. 

New Yarn Vendor!

When I was showing at Clover Market last Spring, a lovely lady came up and told me about a local Philadelphian yarn supplier, O-Wool. I took a mental note and only 6 months later (hey, I had a baby ok?) I finally got in touch with the wonderful Jocelyn and got to go to the O-Wool studio and hand pick the PERFECT yarns for Ernie and Irene's next Malachos

Not only do the O-Wool yarns come in the most beautiful array of colors, they are ALSO conscientiously sourced which is a huge, huge deal for me. O-Wool's fibers are sustainably gathered; the wool from certified organic farms in South America or Australia, cotton from certified organic farms in the USA, and alpaca from a farm only 45 minutes away in New Jersey. Her skeins are spun in Boston, wound by a former textile mill worker in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, and dyed in the Germantown neighborhood. 

Now, I never got the woman's name who introduced me to O-Wool all the way back in April, but I owe her a big, giant thank you. 

More of Baby Jack's Nursery Shoot

Happy Wednesday, friends! Y'all loved my post last month about Jack's nursery shoot so much, that I thought I'd do another post with MORE photos for you! 

This post has been a month in the making. Who knew babies would take up so much of your time? Just kidding. I knew.

Photography: Holly Guertin / Sheep Wall Mural: Ernie and Irene / Fiber Art Wall Hanging: Ernie and Irene / Green Side Table: Shutters and Sand / Pom Pom Cake Topper: Jennifer Murphy / Little Jack Horner Silver Cup: Lillian's Library/Antiques / Vintage Wire Crates: Philadelphia Salvage / Crib: Ikea / Rug: Ikea / Vintage Children's Books: Book Corner

Baby Jack's Nursery Shoot

This week, I finally got around to doing a photo shoot with our sweet baby Jack so we could have some great photos of him and of his sheep themed nursery. Here are a few of my favorites! 

Photography: Holly Guertin / Sheep Wall Mural: Ernie and Irene / Fiber Art Wall Hanging: Ernie and Irene / Green Side Table: Shutters and Sand / Pom Pom Cake Topper: Jennifer Murphy / Little Jack Horner Silver Cup: Lillian's Library/Antiques / Vintage Wire Crates: Philadelphia Salvage / Crib: Ikea / Rug: Ikea / Vintage Children's Books: Book Corner

American Made!

Friends, for the past couple weeks, I have been poring over every word, every image, and every little bit of my entry into the American Made contest by Martha Stewart. And, I am happyrelievedexcited to say, that I was finally able to click "Publish" last night and officially nominate Ernie and Irene. Phew! What a relief. 

While I am so so so nervous about the whole thing, I am thrilled to be a part of a community of makers that believe in the American Made ethos. It's been great fun to look through all of the nominees and find new makers and designers who truly value their trades and are masters at them. I have even found a couple of new yarn suppliers that I will definitely be looking into for upcoming Malachos.

So, mark your calendars, folks. September 15th is when YOU can begin voting for Ernie and Irene for the American Made 2014 Awards. You can see my nomination page here, or by clicking on the image below. Have a great week!

He's here!

He's here! He's here! We welcomed baby John "Jack" Francis Guertin into the world on June 19, 2014 at 2:35 AM and our lives have been more wonderful ever since. We couldn't ask for a more beautiful baby and are filled with awe every day that the Lord has blessed us with such an amazing gift.

We had a great experience giving birth at Bryn Mawr Hospital. So impressive were their nursing staff, doctors, and maternity education that my mom asked if it was a special, private hospital. Jack was perfectly healthy and I can't believe he will be 7 weeks this Thursday! Everyone warns you that time goes by quickly, but I've never fully understood until now. 

If you would like to see photos from his first month, check out my Stellar story, here. PS - have you heard of Stellar? I love it!! Especially for documenting Jack. And, of course, follow me on Instagram for your daily dose of Jack adorableness. 

At this time, I am taking on new freelance textile/print design clients and am excited for where Ernie and Irene Print Designs are heading. I will be making more Ernie and Irene products soon, don't you worry! I may be a little sporadic with blog posts until Jack gets a little older, but I will try to send updates as much as I can. 

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Just Released : Swim Lanes Stripe for Lilly Pulitzer

The newest delivery for Summer 14 has just hit Lilly Pulitzer stores and one of my last prints from when I worked there as an Assistant Print Designer is out! It's called Swim Lanes Stripe and comes in the Tate Skirt and Cruiser Camp Shirt

Swim Lanes Stripe on the Cruiser Camp Shirt

Swim Lanes Stripe on the Cruiser Camp Shirt

Swim Lanes Stripe on the Tate Skirt

Swim Lanes Stripe on the Tate Skirt

And while most of my focus is on Ernie and Irene pieces (and having a baby!), always remember that I'm available for freelance print design. You can contact me at for all inquiries.

My New Favorite Spot

Daniel just painted our office with the help of our gracious friend Will, and this little nook is my new favorite spot. It's the perfect place for reading or sipping on my morning coffee, with the sunlight coming through the window, the bookshelf right where I need it, and the Peach Malachos at my feet.

Scotland's Harris Tweed

I've been taking things a bit slower now that I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant, so I apologize for my sporadic blog posts. I cannot believe how quickly the third trimester has gone by! 

And when time seems to be moving so quickly, I love to look at processes that require slow patience and a lot of time. It's one of the reasons why I love crocheting the Malachos so much. The time necessary to create a beautiful piece forces me to slow down life and really enjoy the small moments. Much like Scotland's Harris Tweed. 

My husband actually sent me over this article from The Week that describes the process behind Harris Tweed and mentions that there is even a law that prohibits any automated machinery in its making. Isn't that beautiful? 

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

I was so inspired by the article that it has made me want to get back into weaving. I recommend everyone to go read it. Now, who wants to buy me a loom?