The Why

If you happen to be Facebook friends with me, you know that I often share podcasts, particularly The Lanky Guys' Word on The Hill and Catholic Stuff You Should Know.  They're two lighthearted Catholic podcasts that have taught me countless lessons in theology, Church history, friendships, and just how to have true joy. Both podcasts are really funny. As in, I laugh out loud regularly while listening to them. The Lanky Guys go through each Sunday's readings and find the thread that ties them all together with great insight and historical context. Catholic Stuff You Should Know simply talks about just that, Catholic stuff you should know. 

A couple of weeks ago, the Catholic Stuff guys did a great podcast on "Being Consumed: Christian Culture and Consumerism" that perfectly explains why I do what I do here at Ernie and Irene. During their Theology on Tap discussion, they talk about why it is so crucial to your well-being to buy from local sources and how that impacts culture for the good. So, brighten your Monday morning by listening in!