Ernie and Irene's New Look

Over the past month or so, I've been slowly photographing the Ernie and Irene 2015 collection. Between the High Point Show earlier this year, designing soooo many prints for Spring 2016, and Jack's erratic nap times over the past month, I've been photographing whenever I get the chance. I've made things a little more neutral around here and have added three new pieces (one, two, three). 

The thing about Ernie and Irene pieces is that they need to be experienced. While I know you can't truly experience them through the site, I've added images of the pieces that can help you more easily visualize how they fit into a space. You can check some of them out in the gallery at the home page, or you can browse through the Shop for more specific photos. 

I have to thank my great friends Maggie Esteves, Emma Olwell, and Tara Riordon for their huge help. It really pays to have great friends. 

Here's a little taste and some behind the scenes photos:

Products (1 of 13).jpg

There are a couple more photos I'd love to take, but for now, these will do just fine. Happy Monday, friends. Have a great week!