New Yarn Vendor!

When I was showing at Clover Market last Spring, a lovely lady came up and told me about a local Philadelphian yarn supplier, O-Wool. I took a mental note and only 6 months later (hey, I had a baby ok?) I finally got in touch with the wonderful Jocelyn and got to go to the O-Wool studio and hand pick the PERFECT yarns for Ernie and Irene's next Malachos

Not only do the O-Wool yarns come in the most beautiful array of colors, they are ALSO conscientiously sourced which is a huge, huge deal for me. O-Wool's fibers are sustainably gathered; the wool from certified organic farms in South America or Australia, cotton from certified organic farms in the USA, and alpaca from a farm only 45 minutes away in New Jersey. Her skeins are spun in Boston, wound by a former textile mill worker in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, and dyed in the Germantown neighborhood. 

Now, I never got the woman's name who introduced me to O-Wool all the way back in April, but I owe her a big, giant thank you.