Ash Wednesday

The past few weeks have been astoundingly wonderful for Daniel and me. The Lord has put amazing people in our lives, prayers have been truly answered, and He is starting great things within us and through us. We've recently found a great community of young Catholics at Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Philadelphia and are confident in what He is doing there and that He will challenge us and form us through this community.


Today is Ash Wednesday, and we, along with millions of other Catholics around the world will be receiving ashes on our foreheads. We are so excited because this marks the beginning of the season of Lent where we take 40 days to really think about the issues of our lives, what separates us from the Lord, and to prepare ourselves for the greatest celebration of all: Easter. We know that this Lent especially is only going to make us grow and become better servants of Him.  

So the inevitable question is, what are you going to give up for Lent? I'm giving up the episodes upon episodes of reruns that I watch on Netflix throughout my day (hopefully to be replaced by productive podcasts - any recommendations are welcome) and I'm adding to my daily routine the praying of the Liturgy of the Hours. I've been wanting to pray the Liturgy of the Hours since I started Ernie and Irene and have always made up excuses for not doing it. But not now. No excuses and I'm really excited about it. Daniel has decided to forgo using hot water for showers and is going to pray the rosary daily. What are you giving up or adding on for Lent?

Curious about what Ash Wednesday means? I find this article from LifeTeen to be especially understandable.