Life Snapshot No. 003

 Happy 2014!  I can't believe it's already 2014. I have really high hopes for this year. Not only will it be an amazing year since our baby will be born (hello, best year of my life!), but I've also set a pretty great set of goals for Ernie and Irene for this year and I am excited to strive toward those points. First on the list? Write a blog post every week. Every Wednesday, you all WILL have a blog post to read from me. Promise. From inspiration to process to more Life Snapshots, this blog is going to become much more of what I've always wanted it to be. And, here are the rest of my goals:

  • begin every morning prayerfully and intentionally
  • be featured in 3 stores locally, 5 stores outside of Philadelphia area
  • get more exposure through blogs and magazines
  • grow social media accounts
  • create wholesale accounts with all my yarn suppliers (gotta save that dough!)
  • expand product line to have one new product by the end of the year

See? Great things to come. And I can't wait! To start it all off, too, I have four new Axios embroideries with all new phrases coming up and one new Malachos : Medium (hint: it's all WHITE, my favorite!) to be ready for you next week! Stay tuned for new products to launch soon soon soon.

Until then, enjoy these little snippets from my life from the last two months (including LOTS of snow up here in the Delaware Valley, Christmas, a trip to NYC with my mom, and progress of said new products). Want more? Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see more of my day-to-day fun.

Layout final.jpg

 See you next week!