Life Snapshot No. 003

 Happy 2014!  I can't believe it's already 2014. I have really high hopes for this year. Not only will it be an amazing year since our baby will be born (hello, best year of my life!), but I've also set a pretty great set of goals for Ernie and Irene for this year and I am excited to strive toward those points. First on the list? Write a blog post every week. Every Wednesday, you all WILL have a blog post to read from me. Promise. From inspiration to process to more Life Snapshots, this blog is going to become much more of what I've always wanted it to be. And, here are the rest of my goals:

  • begin every morning prayerfully and intentionally
  • be featured in 3 stores locally, 5 stores outside of Philadelphia area
  • get more exposure through blogs and magazines
  • grow social media accounts
  • create wholesale accounts with all my yarn suppliers (gotta save that dough!)
  • expand product line to have one new product by the end of the year

See? Great things to come. And I can't wait! To start it all off, too, I have four new Axios embroideries with all new phrases coming up and one new Malachos : Medium (hint: it's all WHITE, my favorite!) to be ready for you next week! Stay tuned for new products to launch soon soon soon.

Until then, enjoy these little snippets from my life from the last two months (including LOTS of snow up here in the Delaware Valley, Christmas, a trip to NYC with my mom, and progress of said new products). Want more? Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see more of my day-to-day fun.

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 See you next week!

Fall is here!

Fall is here!


This morning, I decided to go on a walk before I started my day. It was a chilly, brisk morning (can you believe it was in the 80s a few days ago?) and I think I chose the exact time when my neighborhood is at its quietest. It was absolutely lovely.  

During this time, I became so appreciative that I am able to work from home and create  all day. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of finishing a piece that I made entirely by hand. Thank you all for your support that allows me to do this every day. If you haven't checked on the Shop lately, head on over, I've added new products and plan on releasing more next week! (psst there may be a new Silhos: Antlers and even a new Malachos: Small coming your way soon!) 

In the meantime, check out some snapshots from my time this morning.



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Life Snapshot No. 001

If you've been a follower of me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for a while, you have noticed my love for Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. It's a sweet little neighborhood where Daniel and I spent our first two years of marriage. And even though we were ecstatic to buy our first home in the 'burbs, we knew we would miss Mt. Airy's breathtaking landscape. Case in point, Wissahickon Creek.  

This morning, after an early, early (meaning, I saw the sun rise on my way in) dentist appointment, I rewarded myself with a coffee an onion & chevre crepe from our favorite coffee shop, High Point Cafe, and a little hike down to the Wissahickon Creek on Forbidden Drive. It was glorious, can't you tell? 



Ernie and Irene is LIVE, folks!

It is with much pride and excitement that I am able to launch Ernie and Irene today. Ernie and Irene has been alive in daydreams for the past, oh, three years or so, and today marks the day that the dream becomes a reality. I cannot wait for you all to experience it.

My name is Holly Guertin. I graduated in 2011 from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Fibers (I know, best college experience ever ). Right after graduation, I married my high school sweetheart, Daniel, and started my first job at Lilly Pulitzer as a Print Designer (yep, I know, best job ever   ). During my career, I've worked with companies like Verily Magazine, Style Me Pretty, and Martha Stewart Weddings. And now, Ernie and Irene.


Okay, all the business is done. What you really  need to know is that I love sheep. I love wool. I love cotton. And I love to work with my hands. Ernie and Irene is the embodiment of all of those things and I hope you will check out the Shop page to see my work and - even more - I hope you'll find that your home or space needs a little bit of that love as well. Right now, every piece is made to order. After I get into the swing of things, though, I hope to create products that you can buy directly. For now, you can fill out the order forms in the Shop and request any kind of customization or specifics you want!

Here on this blog, I will share anything and everything that inspires me and interesting things that are going on in my little life. Before being an artist and designer, I am first and foremost a Catholic. I love my faith and love my God with my whole being. I may share inspiring, faithful inspiration on here as well. 

As I said earlier, I am so, so excited for Ernie and Irene. I can't wait to get to know you all and I hope you enjoy! Don't be a stranger. I'll be adding new pieces as often as I can!