Malachos Process

When creating Malachos, I start with my inspiration - the fleece of a freshly sheared sheep - then decide colors and materials for each piece. Most of the time, my materials are from Purl Soho because, really, who doesn't want an excuse to pop in to that shop? I use various all natural fibers for the yarns, but mostly find myself using wools and cottons. 

My latest trip to Purl Soho left me with these lovely skeins.

So then I take those yarns and crochet what I call little "hats." I get asked all the time what I am making when I'm crocheting in public and I normally just lie and say that I'm making baby hats. It's easier on everyone that way. 

Malachos crocheted pieces in progress.

When I feel like I've crocheted enough "hats," I arrange them - on my dining room table, of course - into the placements for the final piece. 

Malachos piece in progress

Then I flip each "hat" over in preparation for them to be sewn together and stuffed.

Malachos piece in progress

Once everything is sewn together into what I lovingly call the "hide," I stuff each hat with 100% virgin wool. 

Malachos piece in progress

As soon as each one is stuffed, I can lay down the 100% cotton backing fabric, flip the whole piece back over, and cut the backing edges around the shapes of the outlying "hats." I then use a blanket stitch to stitch around the edge to secure the piece. 

Malachos piece in progress.

The final - and probably most difficult - part of Malachos production is to stitch between each "hat" so that the wool stuffing and entire piece is super secure. Thanks to this step, you are now able to flop, fold, and move this Malachos as much as you want and everything will stay perfectly intact and in its original shape. Not pictured: tags to hang the piece.

Finished Malachos back.

And, now, you're able to place this Malachos anywhere you'd like! I love how it looks hanging over the edge of our new crib for our nursery. 

Malachos in nursery.

And that's that! This particular Malachos will be up in the Shop by the end of this week. Stay tuned!