A Refreshing Distraction

One thing I love about working on my own is just how varied my day-to-day responsibilities are. One week I'll be crocheting every day, the next I'll be working on bookkeeping and marketing strategies, and then - like this week - I'll work solely on freelance jobs.

For the first time in a while, I've been designing prints for a few small, start-up fashion companies and it felt so good to pick up my paintbrush and inks again.

photo 2.JPG

One of my greatest discoveries from the past 2 years was finding Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Watercolor inks. They're so vibrant and perfect for print design; they completely changed the way I watercolor. And with all of this snowy weather we've been having (even though I LOVE it), it's nice to see some bright, happy colors in my life.

photo 1.JPG

I hadn't realized how much I'd missed painting until I really got going this week, but I'm hoping to do more print designs and illustrations on the side. It's actually one of my personal New Year's resolutions. So, if you're interested in any commissions or freelance from me, email me at hollyguertin [at] gmail [dot] com and it'll make my day!