Fall is here!

This morning, I decided to go on a walk before I started my day. It was a chilly, brisk morning (can you believe it was in the 80s a few days ago?) and I think I chose the exact time when my neighborhood is at its quietest. It was absolutely lovely.  

During this time, I became so appreciative that I am able to work from home and create  all day. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of finishing a piece that I made entirely by hand. Thank you all for your support that allows me to do this every day. If you haven't checked on the Shop lately, head on over, I've added new products and plan on releasing more next week! (psst there may be a new Silhos: Antlers and even a new Malachos: Small coming your way soon!) 

In the meantime, check out some snapshots from my time this morning. Note: all photos were taken with my iPhone and using the app, PicTapGo